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Sleep and Routines

When sleep goes wrong it can be disrupting to the whole family and doesn't just affect your nights but also the daytime for the whole family.

With so many different opinions on when and how to sleep train it's hard to know where to turn to. Let me help you guide your baby or young child into better sleeping habits using only gentle sleep training methods, to help all the family have a better nights sleep and a more productive day.

Though sleep training can't be started until they are 6 months old, getting into good sleeping habits can start from birth. Learn about sleep cycles, how much sleep does your baby need and assisting with developing the pattern of day and night. For older children help to transform your night into one where everyone in the house sleeps through.


Phone support £80 

1 hour phone call, Personalised plan, 2 weeks of email and text support to put the plan in place 

Home Consult £120

2-3hr home visit to discuss sleep problems and assist with a nap or bedtime routine, 2 weeks of email and text support

Overnight support £20 per hr

Arrive before you child goes to bed and assist with all nighttime awakenings to gently guide your child to sleeping through the night

confused parent


Is your baby constantly crying and won't settle?


Baby doesn't want to eat? Possible reflux but you just aren't sure.


Older siblings not impressed at the new arrival?


Don't worry, you may feel your the only person with this issue but I bet I will have assessed and guided parents through the same issue before, and have many tricks up my sleeve to help with a whole host of problems.


There are many different reasons for families having difficulties and parents should not be frightened or feel bad asking for help from a professional. Sometimes problems are very easy to solve and having someone emotionally removed from the situation come in and help can be just what's needed, a fresh set of eyes! Sometimes an issue can be changed in a matter of minutes, other times it may take a few days while new routines or behaviour are established.


Call me for an initial chat, from there we can go forward with a home consult for a few hours or a few days depending on how much support is required. 

From £25 per hour or £300 24hr

twins, triplets, quads

Twins, Triplets and More

Going for your scan and being told you're expecting more than one baby can come as a bit of a shock, and not only for first time parents.


I have experience with twins and triplets, from birth to school age, and the many extra challenges multiple children bring. Having helped with over 45 sets of multiples I've got lots of tricks up my sleeve to guide you through the first few years.


Getting into a routine with multiples is an excellent way to establish both parents and babies getting the right amount of sleep and feeds, and keeps everyone in control. I can assist with feeds, sleep, reflux, routines, behaviour in older babies and toddlers.

I offer as much or as little help as you want, please call to discuss and we can work out a plan to suit your needs and budget. It's amazing what can be established from a 2hr consult.

Home consult £25 per hr (Travel expenses may apply)

Discuss problems with sleep, feeds, routines etc

Full day/night support £260 - £350 per 24hr 

Can be for 1 0ff 24hr help to set up feeding and sleeping or I can come for several days at a time

Night Nannying £18-30 per hr

9pm till 7am (flexible), can be for a one off night, or up to 6 nights per week for several weeks

newborn baby

First 12 weeks 

Anti-Natal classes only talk about before your baby is born and labour. But what do you do with your newborn once home?


This at home workshop will give you confidence and knowledge with how to care for your baby after you leave hospital. Ideal for first babies and multiples.

Covers sleeping, settling and setting up routines, breast and bottle feeding, bonding, bathing and general baby care, equipment and much more.


Personal 2-3hr consult at your own home £120

3-4hr Workshop for you and your friends, 3-4 people £250


3 to 6 Months

Now your home and have got to know you're newborn, lots of babies and families like to get into a good routine but don't know where to start. It's also a great time to start good sleeping habits. 

A routine can help develop a baby's sense of safety and trust, parent-child bonding and help your baby to settle, sleep and feed easier as they know what's going on.

During this workshop I can go through a routine that's tailor-made to your families needs, teach you how to self settle your baby and help them to sleep for longer stretches at night, develop good daytime napping, discuss when to start weaning and much more.

Personal 2-3hr consult at your own home £135

3-4 Workshop for you and your friends 3-4 people £275

weaning toddler


With so much conflicting information, and huge amounts of equipment out there, weaning can seem like a daunting task.



Baby-led and puréed

Equipment - what to buy and what not

What foods and when

Intolerances and allergies

Reflux and CMPA

Let me guide you through introducing food to your baby and make weaning an enjoyable and fun experience.

Personal consult at your own home £80

Workshop for you and your friends 3-4 people £180

Proxy Parenting

Have a wedding to go to?

Need a few days break without the children?

Moving house and could do without the children doing the unpacking?

I offer proxy parenting where the parents go away for a one off night up to a full week, and I look after your children in your own home doing everything you would normally be doing.

I have proxy parented for many families from 5 days with 12 week old twins who's parents had a wedding to go to in Tuscany, a week with a family's 4 children (4 year triplets and a 6 yr old) who were moving house, to a family with teenagers whose parents were going on an adults only ski trip.


With most proxy parenting roles the families got more than they bargained for as I sorted routines, sleep and behavioural issues during their time away.

From £250 per 24hrs - Aged under 18mths

From £220 per 24hrs - Aged 18mths to 8 years

From £160 per 24hrs - Aged over 8yrs (school time)