“Claire is an exceptional maternity nurse. She went above and beyond to help me with my four week old son. She effectively troubleshooted why he was so upset a lot of the time. Overnight after she implemented her advice he was like a different baby - much happier and able to sleep. I would recommend her without reservation”

July 2020

“We asked Claire if she could help very last minute. Our 4 week old baby had acid reflux and we were pretty desperate for support and sleep! Claire was exactly what we needed and provided night help over the course of 5 weeks. From the moment she arrived in our home we felt more relaxed. Claire was so knowledgeable about reflux and babies in general and all her years experience is evident. Claire provided constant solutions and helpful tips and cared very well for our baby daughter giving us some much needed respite. She was a delight to have in our home and our toddler warmed to her too. When it was the last time to say goodbye that was definitely felt. 

I would highly recommend Claire to anybody needing an experienced expert to care for their baby.”

June 2020

“Claire worked for us as a maternity nurse / night nanny  for a few months, at the birth of our 2nd son in January-March 2020, she had previously looked after our first son born in April 2017. She did an amazing job as before, and she was even answering my questions about the baby by text message despite being very ill with covid-19 (that we caught from my husband who is a NHS worker). Claire has an incredible talent with babies and knows how to adapt to each baby. She is hard working, loves challenges and definitely loves taking care of little ones. She is  also a very reliable, flexible and positive person. I definitely recommend Claire to anyone who is looking for a confident and friendly maternity nurse/night nanny and I would be very pleased to hire her again for my 3rd baby!”

January 2020

“Claire came back to proxy parent for our 1 year old twins and 3 year old whilst my husband & I went away for 4 days. As always, Claire immediately slotted in like part of the family and the boys were delighted to have her back. We had just been told by the doctor that the twins had suspected CMPA and Claire set to work cooking the most incredible array of (mainly) vegan food for the twins and stocking the deep freezer to the max and got them on a complete dairy free diet! She also transitioned the twins from baby purée onto finger food and them feeding themselves, and dropped their morning nap so all 3 boys were finally on the same routine. So much in 4 days!”

November 2019

“Claire did nights for us for our little girl from a few weeks old.  She was reliable, knowledgable and made us feel completely at ease trusting our little one in her care. She helped us get through those sleepless nights and get some much needed rest!  Claire always came with helpful advice and information and was very flexible.  I would recommend Claire to anyone looking for trustworthy support to get through the night shifts.

April 2019

“I would like to thank you for your help with my daughter. After struggling with literally no sleep for 18 months with my daughter awake every hour, and the little sleep we did get was both of us in my bed, I cannot thank you enough! I finally have my life back, and cannot believe it only took 2 nights of you helping me. I can finally think and sleep and have a happy little girl now as she was so sleep deprived herself! She goes to bed at 7pm in her cot in her own room and I physically have to go in and wake her at 7am the next day !!! You have really worked your magic for me and my family! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone! I cannot express how happy you have made my family.”

December 2018

“Claire was with us for 4 weeks following the birth of our identical twin boys who were 6 weeks premature. We knew we needed an experienced maternity nurse as we had monochorionic twins with a high chance of prematurity and complications, and a 2 year old.

From the onset, Claire surpassed all expectations. Whilst in hospital before she flew out to our home she started to provide guidance on routine, milk supply and the transition back home from hospital. When Claire arrived with us our twins were 10 days old and still tube fed and we had a very unsettled 2 year old. She took immediate control of our family unit in a calm but highly practical and professional manner, working with us as parents and diagnosing reflux with one of our twins very early. She became an invaluable member of our family unit with hospital visits, liaised with neonatal paediatric specialists and gave valuable insight to medical professionals that neither myself or husband (who is a surgeon himself) could have done. 

At home, Claire helped us with tube feeding and did all the night feeds which meant we could catch up on much-needed sleep after very broken nights in neonatal. She helped with the tricky transition onto bottles and breast without allowing the twins weight to drop again. At the same time, she was invaluable with helping me simultaneously breastfeed two very sleepy tiny babies with a limited suck reflex. I am pretty sure I would have given up on the breastfeeding if it wasn’t for Claire, something I would have looked back on and really regretted.

We had a maternity nurse with our first born but what stood out with Claire was how experienced she was in the field of multiples, drawing on many of her previous experiences and used this to provide an exceptional service. She is extremely mother focused and non-judgemental in her approach and helped take care of our toddler too. She even worked on some behaviour issues and his sense of inclusion with his new baby brothers (something that has paid huge dividends as he has never shown any sign of jealousy and absolutely adores his younger brothers to this day). It is very rare to have a maternity nurse who looks at the family unit as a whole and sees the other siblings and father as part of her remit too. I particularly enjoyed watching Claire give my husband 2 lessons on bottle feeding and giving him his “homework” to work on during the day! 

Having someone live in with you for 4 weeks when you have two premature babies and a toddler and are feeling as if a bomb has hit is always a bit daunting. However, I can honestly say that having Claire live with us was an absolute pleasure. She was such a support to me, a very positive and fun personality and kept me highly entertained with stories and anecdotes.

By the time Claire left us she had been with us for 4 weeks. She had transitioned us off tube feeding and 3 hourly feeds, onto 4 hourly feeds and a combination of breast and bottle feeds that gave us more time during the day, and allowed my husband to take some of the feeds and allow me to go to bed early. Amazing!

Claire took me on trips out in public with the twins, we did my first double feed in public on my own and coached me how to do this, even through how to efficiently get 3 kids out of the car and into a buggy quickly and safely. She gave me a strong sense of accomplishment and when she left I felt so confident to be able to manage things on my own. We’ve already booked her to come back in a couple of months and iron out any issues.”

November 2018

“As clueless first time parents, husband overseas with the military and a 20 week old puppy- we knew we needed someone to work magic in our home. Claire was approachable and professional from the start. She visited our home and answered our queries prior to the baby's arrival, she then stayed with us for a series of 12hr or 24hr stints and guided us through those first few daunting weeks, setting up a great routine which worked for us and the baby. Claire was always on the end of the phone to offer invaluable advice and support, there was never a question too big or too small for her, she willingly tackled them all. Claire has since been in touch with us and continues to offer advice when we need it. Claire's manner with adults, children and animals is fantastic, she is non-judgemental- which is just what is needed when you're a sleep deprived mum with a cocktail of hormones running through your body, and the guidance she offered in those first weeks was invaluable. ”

September 2018

“Claire came to and did a home sleep consult with us as we were having problems with my 7 month old. We followed all of her excellent advice and he became an excellent sleeper, very easy to put to bed and we can’t thank you enough.”

September 2018

“We are very happy with Claire’s work. She has now worked for us many times over the last 4 years, and, we now every January sit down and work out which weeks she is coming to help us over the next year. As a family with triplets it really helps to have someone with hands on experience and to have someone like Claire in your team who is more than capably of handling all 4 of our growing, boisterous boys on her own.”

August 2018

“Claire came to my house for a few hours and advised me on feeding and a new routine to help my baby who didn't want to sleep in a cot. I started the new routine as soon as she left and several days later can say it has really helped us. No doubt I will be in touch again, thank you.” 

August 2018

“The day after Claire came to our house, I had my daughter checked for tongue tie and Clare was absolutely right she did have a tongue tie. It has now been divided and we are now doing much better and that was clearly affecting our feeding and ultimately sleeping. Thanks again for your help.”

July 2018

“Before our daughter was born we were both a little anxious about the first few weeks and months. Neither of us had ever had any experience with tiny babies – there are none in our immediate family and obviously when you spend time with a friends’ baby it’s only for a quick cuddle and not much else.

Both our parents are in Spain, so we knew we wouldn’t have family on hand to help and so decided to try and find someone who could offer us advice/show us how to care for her properly from the start. Traditionally, when you hear the words maternity nurse, you think of someone who comes for the first few months to look after the baby and therefore we assumed it would be too expensive for us to consider.

When we found Claire we were over the moon – not only is she a lovely, relaxed person to be around, but she also offers a more bespoke/ad hoc service. After meeting and chatting with her, we booked her to come to help for the first five days when we were home from hospital and then the same amount of time in week three.

We really wanted someone experienced and confident with us for the early days to give us confidence and support. We were particularly anxious because of the loss we experienced in my first pregnancy, so wanted to invest in someone who could give us support and reassurance.

We are very lucky in that our daughter has always been very relaxed and happy, sleeping pretty well at night, but I’m sure that is also down to Claire’s knowledge and experience, helping us from the start. We can’t recommend her enough!”

May 2018

“Claire was wonderful.  She came to our home and sat and listened to our situation.  She immediately identified what she thought was the problem and offered a plan to try to rectify it. That night we put the plan into place when my 20 month old woke and he was asleep again quickly.  Three nights later and he was sleeping through the night.  Claire was open, approachable, empathetic and incredibly professional and I only wish we had sought her help earlier!”

May 2018

“Claire came and worked with our 3 (almost 4) year old daughter. She had never slept well and was still waking up to 4 times a night for milk, to get in our bed and most irritatingly, to pull my hair! None of us were sleeping and after almost 4 years of this we’d had enough. Claire came and told us what to do, and having her here meant we actually followed through on the process. She was lovely, really easy to talk to and knew her stuff. She came for 2 overnight sessions and supported us whenever our daughter got up. One week later and she is sleeping through the night. We don’t know ourselves. Thank you Claire, I fear if you’d not been involved we’d have had a 12 year old bed intruder! 

April 2018

"We were having trouble with our 9 month old waking up to 5 times a night. Claire had helped when my daughter was younger, we called had a 30 minute chat where she gave me a few things to try and that very night my daughter slept through for the first time in months, and continues to do so to this day.”

April 2018

“Claire worked for us as a maternity nurse for three months, taking care of our twin daughters, from the age of three months to six months. I am very pleased to provide her with the following reference. Claire quickly became an integral part of our families day-to-day life and our daughters routines. Her incredible experience with twins and multiples was immediately apparent as she assessed and adapted to the situation. Claire comes with an amazing knowledge with regards to looking after twins and naturally demonstrates the ideal combination of setting routines whilst reacting sensitively to the individual babies needs. Importantly I felt very comfortable around her confound her caring, professional and gentle manner to be very reassuring during a period of extreme change. Claire entered into our home at a low point, a point of desperation and left us with two smiling babies sleeping through the night, on an excellent routine and on the way to being fully weaned. She also gave us a lot of helpful advice to the behaviour of our five-year-old daughter who was and is clearly adjusting to the arrival of her new siblings. I can't recommend Claire highly enough to anyone looking for a warm and reliable maternity nurse who can immediately access a situation and implement the routines and provide reassurance. In addition, Claire’s next employers will no doubt appreciate, as we have, her punctuality, clear communication style and ability to take the initiative. I will certainly be calling upon her expertise further as the twins grow. I'd be very happy to discuss any aspect of Claire's time in our employment in greater detail.”

February 2018

“I have three and a half year old triplet girls and Claire Shouksmith has kindly stepped in to cover several whole weekends since the triplets were born and a 4 day stretch as well (another booked in for later this year). I can recall the exact dates as these are the only weekends we have had off since the girls were born! I simply have not met anyone else I would trust to leave my children with for that timescale, in the absolute knowledge that she would cope, and the children would have a fantastic time. Claire has a unique skill set - she is highly experienced yet has more energy than anyone else I know. She is patient and sympathetic, she will listen to a comprehensive hand over and respects the parents' approach to discipline and routine. She will go that extra mile, even tackle bad habits that you may mention, while you are away. I would not hesitate to recommend Claire with regards to a proxy parenting role. She has an excellent reputation within the multiples community, both through word of mouth, and her professional exposure as a well established childcare consultant. I know a number of families for whom she also has only acted in a proxy parenting role. And she gets booked up a year in advance, such is the confidence people have in her. She is a life saver to those families, as she has been to us. I would be happy to talk to anyone who may require further information”.

February 2018

“We had been struggling with my daughter since she was born, she was permanently unsettled and cried up to 24hrs a day. Claire was recommended to me by a friend and she came round as soon as she could. I had been having problems getting the doctors or heath visitor to help me and was at the end of my tether. Claire was amazing, within a couple of hours she taught me how to help my daughter settle better, she gave me a list of things to try, confirmed with me that she thought my daughter had reflux and CMPA and assisted with getting her properly diagnosed and onto the correct formula and medications. Within a week of Claire coming into our lives my daughter was a different baby, she went from crying all day and night, and not been able to be put down, to sleeping and napping in her own cot and actually smiling and enjoying eating. We can’t thank her enough for what she has done and will be keeping her on speed dial for ever more.”

October 2017

“Claire worked as a night nanny with our premature twins from when they were 6 weeks old and only just home from hospital. She immediately put us at ease with her calm and confident manner with the babies. We really don't think we could have coped in the early days without her. Claire fed and settled our babies through the night without any problems and helped us to sleep train them, gently advising us each step of the way. We would highly recommend her.”

May 2017